What's Old.

What's NEW?

​"Tree of a Million Branches" Music Video Released

After a friend turned Mike on to the concept of public domain footage, "Tree of A Million Branches" was brought to life.  Mike interwove footage from two old black and white films: a religious-themed"race" film about a young black woman who falls deathly ill and battles for her soul in hell town,"Blood of Jesus", and a documentary about a Pentecostal church in the rural south in the 1960's called"Holy Ghost People".  The video was released on a Friday. 

​"The Shape Under" On Sale Now

Released July of 2015, "The Shape Under.." was originally conceived of as Mike's tribute to God and all of creation.  At times heart-wrenching, at times uplifting ,Tunes like "Tree of a Million Branches" and "Living in the Dew" exhibit the brooding, the deep yearning for peace and the joyful optimism that are Mike's trademarks. 

New Album

After some set backs, Mike is back at ATS Studios mixing the haunting, joyful debut for The Laughing Buddha Episodes, "Find Yourself Caterpillar".  Mike is accompanied by members of the LBE family: Bobby Tousignant, Tom Westcott, Mike Melnyk, David Burch, Vic Merrill...to name a few. the album is set to hatch this April!