What's Old.

​"The Shape Under" On Sale Now

Released July of 2015, "The Shape Under.." was originally conceived of as Mike's tribute to God and all of creation.  At times heart-wrenching, at times uplifting ,Tunes like "Tree of a Million Branches" and "Living in the Dew" exhibit the brooding, the deep yearning for peace and the joyful optimism that are Mike's trademarks. 

What's NEW?

​"Tree of a Million Branches" Music Video Released

After a friend turned Mike on to the concept of public domain footage, "Tree of A Million Branches" was brought to life.  Mike interwove footage from two old black and white films: a religious-themed"race" film about a young black woman who falls deathly ill and battles for her soul in hell town,"Blood of Jesus", and a documentary about a Pentecostal church in the rural south in the 1960's called"Holy Ghost People".  The video was released on a Friday. 

New Album

Fresh off a year of shows, Mike is in the studio

recording his next album, "Find Yourself

Caterpillar".  Accompanied by Bobby Tousignant

and a whole bunch of other cats (David Burch, Tom Westcott, Mike Melnyk, Vicky Pezzino, Vic Merrill...to name a few), the album is set to hatch this Spring!